History of marriage bureaus could be traced back to the 18th and 19th century. This kind of trend was seen in the European countries because of the class distinction between the people. There was various class systems according to which the marriages were fixed. Further newspaper starting publishing ads for the match during the middle 20th century when newspaper industry was at its peak.

Nowadays there has been a drastic change in the present scenario with the rise of internet and various social networking sites, which has made so easy for the person to find his/her suitable match. The more there was raising demand for the marriage bureaus, more people started adopting it as professionally and taking it as an investment opportunity. There is not a very big negative side of this business because it has made easy for the public to get registered with marriage bureaus and find a suitable male for the girl keeping in mind the demands of the family registered with such bureaus. One can easily go and get registered with a marriage bureau by giving the details and they will find a suitable match to your demand without doing too much effort for looking here and there.

Searching on the Google or any other search engines for marriage bureaus in Delhi many links are available for the marriage bureaus. Some rating agencies have also rated the marriage bureaus according to their publicity, their working and reviews from the people. The various listed marriage bureaus offer wide variety of options and every agency is trying something new to attract the people around. Some of the marriage bureaus not revealing the information properly have cases against them which have defamed the whole marriage bureau market.

Some of the highly rated companies for best marriage bureau in Delhi are lovevivah.com, Mel milap marriage bureau, wed gate matrimony and event services, golden matrimonial services, pathak jee etc are some of the widely reviewed agencies on the internet, which also have some positive reviews from the public also. People, who have experienced, have given their review in the favor of the respective agencies. Not only fixing marriages, this bureaus are offer all the arrangements for the marriage. From decoration to arranging for the food they offer services to the people. Delhi based marriage bureaus are widely famous because of the diverse population and people from various ethnicities residing in the national capital. Best marriage bureau in Delhi provides you perfect partners for you.

It is believed by the every religion in the country that the marriages are fixed in the heaven but these marriage bureaus have made match making a very easy task. Earlier people were mostly dependent on the relatives for match making and some could not find satisfied match for their children. According to the educational qualification, religious sentiments, language etc the process has been a lot simplified. Although rest is destiny, but every match maker tries to satisfy their customer so that the holy relationship of marriage lasts forever without any troubles