Change is the rule of the universe, as time passes, there are changes in everything. In other words, one can say that change is the process of constant evolution. From the stone age, we have now stepped into the digital age. During this long journey, we have tried to keep our traditions, cultures alive. Though they have been modified into some other forms with the changes in the times, they are still practiced in some way. And when we talk about marriages, there has been a dramatic change in the marriage culture and especially in the last decade.

We are into the third decade of the current millennium and a lot has changed in the past decade in the Indian wedding culture.

Baniya Matrimonial

There were times when in marriages there was the dominance of males over the females, there were several rights and customs that females could not preach. In a country like India, where marriage traditionally is arranged by the families of the male and female partners, marriage is rather a mutual relationship between two families. But now the term marriage is more appropriately defined as the personal contract between two who seek love, who is compatible and who are happy together.

As the perspective of the people is changing with the times, they now believe more on stability and compatibility. This is the reason why people in India have started accepting the marriages between the different castes. Though the percentage of such cases is quite low or negligible change requires time and in the future, the percentage may seem to be better.

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